Fighting Street

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Ken and Ryu's training comes to an end


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Fighting Street is a traditional beat 'em up game that puts you in control of the legendary protagonists of the Street Fighter franchise, Ken and Ryu, during the final stages of their intense martial arts training.

At the beginning of the game, Ryu and Ken's trainer will teach you how to perform each character's special moves, which you can practice against other students in the dojo.

Then, you'll have to pass a final test to complete your training, which includes a platform phase where you'll need to dodge traps and rodents while pulling off difficult and dangerous jumps.

When that training is complete, you can finally take to the streets to fight against the gangs and thugs that will try to destroy you. Now is the time to make use of your whole repertory of moves, since you'll be facing off against more than a dozen different types of enemies.

Fighting Street is a complete game that includes not only a long, engaging story mode, but also adds additional playing modes once you've finished the first. In other words, we're looking at many hours of free gameplay starring two of the most mythical 2D characters in video game history.
By Molly Lincoln